Summer Party Flowers

Hosting a formal dinner party in the summer months can be a fun and exciting endeavor. There are so many options for your menu, table settings and decor. Even the option to dine indoors or out can be considered. Lighting and flowers will set a specific mood for your dinner guests, as well, depending on what you choose and how beautifully they pair with your meal. Winfield Flower Shoppe knows how many decisions go into planning a beautiful summer table, and we’re here to help you choose the perfect flowers for your next event.

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All You Need This June Is Love

“All you need is love… love is all your need.”

-Paul McCartney

When you married your soulmate, you found everything you need in your shared love. Your anniversary is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the love that has glued you together through the years. Reminisce on the joy of loving one another with sentimental gifts or cards, or a memorable date. This month, as more people celebrate their wedding anniversaries than any other time of year, the Winfield Flower Shoppe celebrates the love that lasts a lifetime with beautiful anniversary arrangements.

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You Can Give Flowers & Plants To Dad

Winfield Flower Shoppe knows that shopping for the dad in your life can be tricky sometimes, but we’re here to make it a bit easier. Take a little direction from us, and you won’t be sorry. We’ve got plants with promise, fatherly flowers, gift baskets and more. If you let us, we’ll guide you to healthy, meaningful, gorgeous gifts that will speak to the point of Father’s Day—ensuring that our dads feel cared for and honored.

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The Bestie Flowers For Your Besties

Winfield Flower Shoppe is giving you the heads up now—June 8 is Best Friend’s Day. We know you won’t want to let this day pass empty-handed, seeing as our besties are the perfect people to present with some flowers. What better way to pay tribute to your unique friendship than to convey your admiration, affection and fondness through flowers? If ever there was a time to make your BFFs know just how special they are, it’s now. Don’t be the only one in your group who forgot.

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Late Spring’s Beautiful Flowers

When it comes to flowers, spring really prepares us for summer’s wild bounty. In fact, the two seasons share many bloomers in common, among them hydrangea, garden roses, daisy and more. Winfield Flower Shoppe loves the floral bounty of both seasons, which together conspire to give us some of the most beautifully-hued and fragrant flowers of the year. We wanted to showcase one of those bloomers that bridges the gap between spring and summer, the hydrangea plant.

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A Special Memorial Day

When Congress enacted the National Holiday Act of 1971, Memorial Day became an official legal federal holiday. But long before that, it was observed as a tribute to soldiers who died in combat during the Civil War. The date may change, but the holiday always falls on the last Monday of May. Today, Memorial Day is considered the unofficial start of summer, and celebrations include cookouts, picnics, and parades. And red, white, and blue are a vital part of every observance. You can count on the experienced Winfield Flower Shoppe team to have colorful flowers that will make your celebration more meaningful.

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Spotlight On One Of Our Moms

In honor of Mother’s Day, Winfield Flower Shoppe is putting the attention on one of our own, mom and floral designer, Kris Jackson. Kris shares her experience and expertise both raising kids and working with flowers.

Name: Kristine Jackson

Kids first names & ages: Kaitlyn, 29, Jenna, 21, Luke, 18 & granddaughter Jada, 10

 How did you get into floral work? My parents owned a flower shop that was opened in 1917 by my dad’s grandmother.

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Beautiful Nosegays For End Of School Year Celebrations

The end of every school year is always a whirlwind of activity, including junior and senior proms, graduation parties and ceremonies, and school-sponsored events that honor students for significant achievements. No matter what the occasion, or how you plan to ring at the end of the school year or launch the year into the memory books with a huge send-off, your celebration won’t be complete if it isn’t filled with flowers. Our talented floral designers here at Winfield Flower Shoppe are working hard to come up with corsages, nosegays, and gifts for every festive event you may be planning or going to as the 2017 – 2018 academic year nears its end.

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May Flowers For The Super Ladies In Our Lives

Make this May special for all of the super ladies in your life—after all, they do the same for the rest of us every day. It’s both Nurse and Teacher Appreciation Week May 6 through May 12, and along with Mother’s Day, these two form a perfect trifecta of reasons to celebrate our wonder women. We’re talking about those ladies who educate, heal, inspire and empower. And while we know there are some equally fantastic men serving in both capacities, the fields of nursing and teaching are still dominated by women, many of whom are our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and neighbors. Winfield Flower Shoppe encourages you to make your gratitude concrete by giving your heroes flowers.

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Grow Some Green For Earth Day

Spring is coming, and with it comes thoughts of gardening and outdoor plants. This makes spring an excellent time to celebrate your love of the earth, which is why Earth Day is April 22. if you spend a lot of time indoors, use Earth Day as a chance to bring some nature in with the help of Winfield Flower Shoppe and one if its live plant arrangements.

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